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Freelancers are Your Solution to short staffing

According to studies, 95% of workers consider changing jobs.

There are many reasons they want to leave. Many workers stuck in low-paying jobs during the pandemic for financial security. Workers feel more at ease switching careers now that the market is tightening.
Other employees are also leaving work, but only temporarily. The Pandemic has made a large percentage of workers to realize the potential of working from home and having a better work-life balance. They are willing to take trips that they have been putting off.

Human resources professionals across the region will be impacted by this turnover. That's where giggzy comes in.
Many companies are better off hiring talented freelancers than scrambling for employees at short notice. They have the skills to handle any project, from creating eye-catching websites to managing multi-platform social media campaigns to comprehensive research projects.
giggzy eliminates the need to waste time interviewing, vetting and playing guessing games in order to receive the diverse support you require. giggzy's user-friendly and intuitive search and contact process, allows you to find your freelancers locally or internationally easily and contact them directly without paying any commission fee.
Companies with short-staffing needs are not the only ones who appreciate the flexibility and expertise of freelancers. Companies large and small are increasingly relying on freelancers for their success.
Tens of millions of people prefer to be able to choose when and how they work and which projects they take on. The pandemic could see their numbers grow as many workers are more comfortable working remotely and seek out work opportunities that allow them to be flexible.
The sector is experiencing explosive growth and HR professionals are now asking themselves whether or not to hire freelancers. Giggzy is the collaboration solution human resource departments have been searching for.

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