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An initiative for freelancers of the Middle East & Turkey

COVID-19 pandemic has created many uncertainties in people's lives, some lost their jobs, others their businesses and the majority have witnessed a big decrease in their source of income. The economy of the Middle East, like many countries in the world is affected dramatically, in different sectors, raising the need of initiatives that can help these sectors get back on track.

Giggzy was born during this pandemic, with a vision to empower freelancers and a mission to connect them with projects in the Middle East countries like Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, Bahrain, Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Freelancers can visit and open their freelance account, to be found by clients and receive projects within their countries or abroad. The website will request each freelancer to provide detailed information about their profession and skills, pictures of their previous projects, videos of their work and links to their personal website if any.

For clients who are looking to hire a freelancer, the process is very smooth and easy! Clients can browse the different categories and filter by country, city, rate per hour, and number of stars that the freelancer has. Reviews are also available for clients to check before assigning a project to the freelancer.

Once they find a convenient freelancer that meets their requirements, they can contact the freelancer directly via phone, WhatsApp or email to discuss more details about their projects and needs. Clients can rate the freelancers and leave a review on their accounts after the project is accomplished.

The platform does not charge any commission fee from neither the freelancer nor the client, and for a limited time, giggzy is offering a free membership for the first 1000 freelancers. However, freelancers can boost their account by becoming a Featured Freelancer for a week or month, to become more visible among the rest of the freelancers in their same professional category.

If you are a freelancer or looking for one, do not hesitate to visit their website and social media platforms and share them with your friends and contacts.

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