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Freelance gigs versus full-time job

Are you feeling trapped in the same endless job for the past years? Are you suffering from the routine caused by your fixed schedule, the same office location and the dress code required by your employer?

Breaking the 8 to 5 routine at your full time job is not an easy task, as many questions come to your mind: will I be able to afford my current lifestyle? am I ready to take the leap and not have a steady fixed income each month? will this step bring more stress into my life, or will it be an immense relief from the stress I am facing today?

Quitting your job is very tempting, but very scary at the same time. Guess what, you do not need to end up as in a vicious circle for the rest of your life!

The path starts from here, from the day you make the decision to choose freedom over stability, and this path starts with the first step, to decide to work as a free professional, at your own time, on your own pace, at your favorite place, where you can be more creative and productive.

You can start planning your exit from the long hours full time job, into a world of freelancing that can provide you with a steady income, more free time to do the things that you like to do, with no bosses to control your life.

A very high percentage of professionals around the world are turning into freelancing, and because of the economic situation that the world faces right now, this percentage is increasing, and the freelancing path became a necessity more than a tempting option.

There are several appealing aspects of becoming a freelancer, and in this blog, we will share with you some of these features: Let us know if you agree after you read this blog, by leaving a comment in the comment section.

  • As a freelancer, you have the liberty to choose the location of your work; it can be a coffee shop where you feel comfortable and creative, or an office in your apartment, decorated the way you like, overviewing the scene that you enjoy.
  • You do not need to work a minimum of 8 hours on a daily basis. You can work at your own pace and your own time, as some professionals, for example, might be more productive during the nighttime instead of the daytime, and vice versa. Some freelancers prefer to enjoy their day by doing their favorite activities like sports, yoga, meeting friends for coffee or other hobbies, while work is dedicated at night.
  • You can work on more than one project simultaneously, while managing your time to deliver the best results and meeting your timelines.
  • You can choose your clients, by accepting or rejecting the projects that are offered to you after meeting with your clients and understanding the scope of work that is required from you.
  • You get to do the work that you like to do, that you are actually good at. As you probably know, many employees work in different fields than their field of study, accepting jobs because of necessity and not of choice. Being a freelancer opens the possibility to explore your full potential, and enjoy your work at the fullest.
  • You can be a freelancer offering your services in more than one profession and receiving projects in several fields from different clients. If you have more than one skill, this will help you increase your income and probably end up making more than a full time job can offer.
  • Some projects are long-term projects and can offer a steady income just like full time jobs do. If you are a journalist writer, for instance, you can be hired to write twice per week for your client's journal, and the project can last for months or years. This applies to many other freelance categories, like social media marketers, who run and manage social media accounts for businesses for a usually a long period of time. SEO experts are also hired for several months, as well as private tutors, accountants and many other fields in the freelancing world.

From this perspective, giggzy has created its online platform to empower freelancers and employees who are looking to partially become freelancers at the start, making extra cash on the side, and building connections with clients around the world, to eventually turn into exclusive freelancers who do not need a full time job to support their lifestyle.

To become a freelancer, you first need to identify your strength and skills, learn how to present them to your clients, to be identified and hired among the pool of other freelancers in your profession. Remember, it is not only about what you know, but how you showcase it as well when you market for yourself.

It is also important to briefly describe your professional experience, as it can give more confidence to the person looking at your profile to contact you and potentially hire your services.

A link to your website, social media platforms, you tube channel, photos of your previous work are also important to attract clients viewing your profile.

Once your portfolio is ready, you are ready to go! Your freelance journey starts here, a journey that can lead to your own freedom while making enough income at the same time.

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