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Hire a Web Designer in Egypt to Create Beautiful & Responsive Websites

Before 1991, businesses around the world owned offices, phones, fax numbers, emails and mailing addresses, that seemed to be good enough, at that time, but not anymore. As businesses raised the need to be present online, to be known and seen by their potential customers and to expand outside their territories and reach the whole world.

During the year of 1991, the first ever website was created by the British scientist Tim Berners-Lee and in 2004 the year when Facebook was created, more than 50 million websites were up and running. This tremendous expansion of the numbers of websites raised a tremendous need for website designers and developers in each country.

In 2021, as you set your goals and aspirations for the year to come, if building your own website is one of those targets, this blog is right for you. If you wish to start your online shop, create your own blog, or build a website that displays information about your personal portfolio and services, giggzy got you covered. Your website will allow you to easily identify your customers, share and exchange information with them, post products or photos, upload advertising videos and potentially expand your market.

Giggzy offers an easy to use platform for you to find and hire top skilled freelance web designers and web developers, within 15 minutes of your search. Our platform offers you important information about the freelancer that you might want to hire, starting with his location. If you think working with your designer is more efficient face to face instead of virtually, you can choose a web designer located in your country or even within your city.

And since such projects can be expensive, hiring a freelance web designer or web developer can end up saving you tons of money, especially if you are just starting your business, and do not have an enormous budget. The platform offers you the possibility to filter by rate and communicate with your freelancer of choice, to explain your project, negotiate terms and discuss fees. And because we do not want you to pay extra fees or commissions to be able to execute your project, we made the service of searching, finding, connecting and hiring a freelancer - free of charge -

And for clients not to be disappointed by the design of the freelancer appointed, giggzy also allows you to view their portfolio and previous work before hiring them, and to check their ratings and read reviews of other customers who have worked with them.

Remember that building your own website is not an easy task, but it can become easier and less stressful when you hire the right person to walk you through this journey.


The right web designer can save you a lot of time, to give you the possibility to concentrate on your content. Also, your site will show high quality when executed by a professional freelancer, and this will impress your viewers. Moreover, the web designer can create a responsive design that reflects a user-friendly experience.

The web designer can also guide you to give each page of your site a purpose. Finally, as mentioned previously in this blog, you receive the benefit of saving a lot of money by hiring budget friendly developers.

Is 2021 the year of starting your own business?

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